Five easy ways to update your home without major renovations

Expert Advice: Hit refresh

Looking for some simple ways to update your home in 2023? Bonnie Boyette of L+B Boutique in Bluffton shares five imaginative ways to refresh your spaces without tearing down walls or breaking the bank.

Paint is a great way to update an old brick fireplace

1. Give the fireplace a facelift

Paint is a great way to update an old brick fireplace. This not only will brighten your room but give it a more modern look and feel. In this room we not only painted the fireplace but the mantel as well. Change out your accessories and art to complete the look. 

Ways to update a powder room2. Freshen up the powder room

Ways to quickly and easily update a powder room are to add wallpaper and change out old mirrors and lighting. This will add style and freshness without breaking the bank.

Ways to make your foyer stand out3. Make a strong first impression

The foyer sets the stage for the rest of the home. Eye-catching design and appropriate scale are a must. Your lighting is like a piece of jewelry, it should be the thing that ties everything together. The furniture, art and accessories should be the foundation of the design.  

Adding texture to your home with wallpaper, rugs and mixed metals4. Add more layers

Don’t be afraid to add texture with wallpaper, layering rugs or mixing metals. Layering texture is the best way to add dimension and interest to a space to take the design to another level.  

How to design conversation spaces in your home5. Create cozy conversation areas

Conversation spaces throughout the home add a level of warmth and give you an opportunity to showcase more texture and style into your overall design. With the rise of open-concept design, finding areas to have more intimate seating is a must. This room had several focal points, so groupings were used to create multiple seating options and warmth. 

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