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Water tricks & hacks

Tips and tricks to drink more of it while using less of it.

Story by Rhett Jerrum

Being that water exists in gaseous, liquid, and solid states, we have learned quite a few ways to hack it. Whether it’s your water bill, a water stain, or a fully stocked cooler, we’ve got just the tips and tricks you need to always be one sip ahead of water. Good luck and happy packing!

Remove water stains

There are several different ways to remove water stains, but these are the top three.

1. Combine half water and half vinegar into a spray bottle. Spray this mixture over your stains and wait a few minutes before wiping clean.

2. Mix baking soda with vinegar to create a paste. Smear this paste over your water stain and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then scrub and rinse.

3. Squeeze fresh lemon juice into a spray bottle. Spray the lemon juice on hard water scale build-up and let sit for 10 minutes, and then wipe the area clean.

Drink more water

It seems that water is always the answer to any problem. Feeling sick? Drink more water. Skin looking tired? Have some water. So why is it so hard for us to drink enough water during the day? While we may not have all the answers, we do have the hacks. These are some things to consider when trying to be more conscious of your daily water intake.

• For every cup of coffee, drink one glass of water.
• Add a lot of ice to your drinks and smoothies.
• Drink a full glass of water with every medication and supplement.
• Drink from a (metal) straw.
• Add more spice to your food.
• Use an app that reminds you to drink water.
• Add lemon juice or other flavors to make water taste better.

Water your plants while you are away

If you are going on vacation and you’re leaving plants behind, we have just the trick to keep them alive that won’t cost you a penny. Take an old plastic water bottle, drill it with holes close to the top, and fill it with water, and then turn it over and plunge it into the first few inches of soil in your pot. This will slowly water the soil while you are away, leaving your plant hydrated and happy with little or no effort at all.

Cooler hacks

Hot summer days are coming and packing a cooler for a long day at the beach can be tough. But, if you follow these seven steps, you’ll be a cooler-packing pro.

1. Chill your cooler before packing. This will keep your ice colder for longer.

2. Freeze the food and drinks you want to pack. They will thaw naturally throughout the day and be icy and refreshing.

3. Use ice blocks, not ice cubes. Ice cubes are too small and will melt faster. Make homemade ice blocks by freezing water inside a Tupperware container.

4. Drain the water for long trips but not for short ones. Long day at the beach? Make sure to drain the excess water. Picnic in the park? No draining necessary!

5. Pack your cooler in layers. This will ensure that everything is getting the same amount of chilling attention.

6. Always add an extra layer of insulation.

7. Keep your cooler latched and closed unless you’re getting something out. The less you open the cooler, the colder it stays.

Save water and reduce your water bill

Water is something your wallet can’t live with and your body can’t live without. If your water bill is through the roof every month, here are just a few things you can do to save money:

• Inspect your appliances for leaks and drips. These can pile up over time and waste so much unnecessary water without your even knowing it.

• Install low-flow toilets or convert your current ones. This will save 2-5 gallons per flush.

• Add aerators to your faucets. A “two birds, one stone” method: This will increase the water pressure and act as a sieve to reduce the amount of water coming through the faucet.

• Upgrade to Energy Star appliances. They will save you anywhere from 20-30 gallons of water per laundry cycle and will cut both your water and energy usages.

• Take shorter showers and baths. You use around two and a half gallons of water per minute. So start showering when you turn your faucet on.

• Use your dishwasher. Although it seems easier, hand-washing dishes uses more water than the dishwasher. If it takes you longer than three minutes to hand-wash, you should use your dishwasher to save water (and effort).