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We are all connected


LOCAL Life asked Mira Scott to share her thoughts on what it means to be local. Scott is a popular Lowcountry artist and is the owner of Picture This Gallery on Hilton Head Island. LOCAL Life welcomes letters to the editor and comments to our website. Write to [email protected]. 

By Mira Scott

I came here as a young girl from Montreal in 1978. Within a week I knew this was where I wanted to be. As an artist,I realized that Hilton Head was everything my environmental/naturalist upbringing was seeking. Opportunities for inspiration were everywhere. Forest Beach became my home and where I raised my daughter, Lucie. What I saw back then was how helpful and inclusive everyone was, all enveloped in a pristine natural environment that is still true today. 

Back then when someone had a tragedy or a need, Alice Jones would come to the rescue. A tent went up, and a band like the Drifters or the Swinging Medallions performed. I have no idea how she knew all these folks. Everyone pitched in, everyone showed up and threw money in the pot for the person or family in need.  

 Another great example of this community was Dove Street lights at Christmas. The neighborhood gathered for the pre-party, volunteered and gathered again for the post-party. All of this to benefit Deep Well.  

 I’ve lived on the Island for 43 years, and I always joke that everything is two degrees of separation here. When I meet someone, I can guarantee that if I talk to them for 15 minutes, we will figure out some way that we are connected.