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We asked local chefs about their favorite coffee makers

Chef’s favorite things

cup of coffee with metal coffee percolator on wooden background,

The G-Free Spot

“I love the percolators you can use on the stove. That just harkens back to beautiful memories of my grandmother and my family dinners together. Those, for nostalgia’s sake, would be my favorite.” 

– Nicole Gardner  

Hilton Head Distillery

“At the distillery, for our Espresso Roast Rum, we have our coffee specially roasted locally by Corner Perk Roastery; it’s a blend of its espresso roast and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans. We use a cold-brew method, 50 gallons at a time, making enough concentrate for 250 gallons of rum. While at home, I stick with espresso. I recently splurged on a Breville Barista Pro, and it makes an excellent cup of coffee.”

 – Whitney D. Meriwether, Master Distiller 

Charlie’s Coastal Bistro

“I own almost every coffee and espresso machine model, but I grew up in New Jersey, where my Italian family always used a Neapolitan-style machine. It combines the best of espresso flavor and drip coffee.” 

– Chef Joe Galluzzi

Carolina Coffee & Crumbs

“Our favorite coffee around here is espresso.  We love bitterness and strength. We also love to steam whole milk and add your favorite flavors (most are mocha, vanilla bean and caramel). This is the latte, and it is our favorite and can be customized to anyone’s taste. We brew our freshly ground espresso in our Nuova Simonelli 2 group espresso machine.” 

– Erika Waronsky

Swiss-made Jura Z10

Le Cookery

“Our favorite coffee machine is, hands down, the Swiss-made Jura Z10.  It produces the perfect cup of freshly ground coffee or espresso every time. It is such an intelligent machine that it saves each user’s preferences down to the exact level of froth a person likes. It can automatically make 27 specialty drinks, hot or cold pressed.” 

– Rachel Lively

Hamilton Beach coffee pot

Cassandra’s Kitchen Store

“I am not a coffee connoisseur. I just need coffee and lots of it from a Hamilton Beach coffee pot. My husband is from Buffalo, where Tim Horton’s is very popular, so we mostly drink that, ordered from Amazon.” 

– Cassandra Schultz

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