Best cutting board brand

We asked local chefs for their favorite cutting boards, and their answers were unanimous

Chef’s favorite things

Boos Block

Sea Pines Resort

“For a workhorse, you can’t go wrong with Boos Block. They are very reliable. But for my money, my favorite boards are from local craftsmen. If you take care of a great wood cutting board, it’ll last forever.”  – Chef Ben Harris

Boos Butcher Block

The Golf Club at Indigo Run

“Boos Butcher Block. It’s nostalgic, makes a great presentation and serves as a base for carving stations’ cheeses and charcuterie displays. It looks awesome as kitchen countertops as well. For everyday work in the kitchen, I use Ecolab cutting boards. They are color-coded for food type to avoid cross-contamination, and the non-slip corner guards prevent board slippage.”  – Chef Josh O’Neill 

Cassandra’s Kitchen Store

“Boos Boards. They last a lifetime.”   – Cassandra Schultz 

Cutting-edge board designs:

Close up of one old used rectangular shaped brown, bamboo wood cutting board with stains and hack marks, isolated on white background

Totally Bamboo 

Totally bamboo cutting boards are highly regarded for their eco-friendliness and durability. They are made from sustainable bamboo, which is known for its strength and resistance to moisture. These boards are also gentle on knife edges and can be a stylish addition to any kitchen.

End grain wood butcher block cutting board isolated on white background. Full depth of field.

End grain wood

End grain wood cutting boards are known for their exceptional durability and knife-friendliness. They are crafted by arranging wood pieces so that the end grain of the wood faces up. This construction results in a surface that is less likely to show knife marks and is gentle on knives. 

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