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We asked local chefs their favorite celebrity chefs

Chef’s favorite things

LOS ANGELES - JAN 10:  Anthony Bourdain attends the ABC TCA Winter 2013 Party at Langham Huntington Hotel on January 10, 2013 in Pasadena, CA

“Anthony Bourdain. He started at the bottom and just did what he wanted to do, and that’s kind of how I did things. He inspires people to stay true to who they are.” 

– Partner and head baker Ryan Fennessey


“I would have to say Guy Fieri. I like his show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, and he is involved in so many other shows and restaurants. Makes you wonder how these guys do it. The funny thing about Triple D is my nephew’s wife’s father was the producer on the show since the beginning. He just retired a couple of years ago, and my nephew has been on the show many times as a restaurant guest. Pretty cool!” 

— Chef Patrick Blankenship


“Massimo Bottura. He is the king of Italian cooking, and his restaurant was ranked number one in the world in 2016. Word on the street is that he will be opening a restaurant this year in Florida.” 

– Chef Chris Sullivan


“Anthony Bourdain. To him, it wasn’t just about food. It was about family, culture and how food brings people of different backgrounds together. Also, how he understood and could explain how cooks and chefs were different from the general population. Why we do what we do, what our driving force is for working in such a demanding field.” 

– Chef Kevin Jump


“My favorite is a duo of celebrity chefs. Julia Childs and Jacques Pepin, both are celebrities in their own right, but when you put them together with a few cameras and a glass of wine, they are priceless.” 

– Chef Andy Borgmeier

Brooke Williamson

“We like Brooke Williamson and Michael Voltaggio! We like them both because they are innovative and entertaining.” 

– Owners Price and Karen Beall

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