We asked local chefs their favorite wines

Chef’s favorite things

“This year it would be a 2012 Solaia from Antinori. It’s a smaller bottling in the family’s lineup of wines. As a super Tuscan, it’s a blend of Sangiovese with a uniquely high amount of Cabernet Franc. The wine had so much time in bottle to develop all its tertiary flavors, while it held up its structure. When I lived abroad in Florence, I spent a magical day touring the winery with my mom and dad. Maybe it’s the memories of that day that made this my wine of the year. Wine is so much more than liquid.”

— Sommelier Margaret Pearman

“I love Champagne for lots of reasons. Potato chips. Fried chicken. Oysters. It goes with everything. 2012 vintage Laurent-Perrier. I also fancy an orange wine or two.” 

– Chef Matt Wallace

“My favorite wine is Barbaresco because it is a light version of Barolo. It is very easy to drink with all types of food. When drinking, you enjoy the dry, thin texture, leaving the mouth full of flavor from the Nebbiolo grape.” 

– Chef Nunzio Patruno

“I don’t think I could narrow it down to one specific wine (I will if I absolutely have to) but rather a specific region. And that would be Languedoc-Roussillon. Every type of wine is made there: red, white, rosé, sparkling, dry, sweet, fortified. It’s one of the only regions that is capable of doing that. They also grow an extraordinary number of grapes that go into such a diverse range of wines. One could never get bored exploring the different grapes, producers and styles of wine. The wines are also great with many different types of food.” 

– General manager Kevin Cleary

“Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio – perfect for any occasion!” 

– Owner Cassandra Schultz 

“My favorite wine is Michele Chiarlo Barbera d’Alba “La Court Nizza,” a robust red wine from Italy’s Piedmont region. It comes from a terrific winery and complements rich pasta dishes and many meat dishes perfectly. Its taste profile is redolent of ripe red fruits, sweet spices and a bit of oak. Best of all, it’s almost always available on our wine list.” 

– Chef de Cuisine Will Overacre

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