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What Makes it Local?

“Being local on Hilton Head Island is having the privilege of living with all of this culture.”

Paint. Pottery. Music. Theatre. History. Dance. From bluegrass to ballet, art is happening on Hilton Head Island 365 days a year. The possibilities here are endless and the intense passion that the community has for its arts and culture assets is unmatched. We can see it in the extensive arts coverage in the November issue of LOCAL Life, where page after page highlights the work of the hundreds of artists who call this island home. Painters, dancers, poets, chefs, musicians, sculptors, actors and photographers. The beauty of the island is an inspiration and the strength of the community is a support beam for these brilliant and imaginative minds.

Around every corner is a reminder of the rich history of this island, home to stories that are uniquely American with deep history tracing back to before the Revolutionary War. We are home to priceless history of the first self-governed freedman’s village at the Historic Mitchelville Freedom Park, site and home to the beautiful food, art, faith and families of the Gullah culture. We are lucky that we can learn more about Gullah culture at the Gullah Museum of Hilton Head Island or by sitting and having a conversation with one of the many Native Islander families that are still working and living here. At the Coastal Discovery Museum, we can experience the crossroads where the environment, art and history all meet. At the Heritage Library, we can learn about the deep history of our cemeteries and forts or look up the genealogy of the families that trace their roots back generations to the first settlers. Being local on Hilton Head Island is having the privilege of living with all of this culture.

This month, let’s challenge ourselves to dive into the culture scene on the island. Take the Gullah Heritage Tour, see a play at Lean Ensemble Theater, or stop in for the Island Writers Network Open Mic Night at Mikki’s Café. Soak up the beauty of our world-class symphony and then rock out at the Boardroom. While it would be impossible to list every art, history, or culture activity on this island in the space of this page, there is something here for everyone.

Letter to the Editor
After reading the November issue of LOCAL Life (inspired by art), local resident Jenn McEwen sent us the following letter. McEwen is the Culture and Arts Network Director for the Town of Hilton Head Island. LOCAL Life welcomes letters to the editor and comments to our website. Write to [email protected]